24 Spaces

James Bell, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Radical Pedagogik, Thomas Leyland-Collins, Sogol Mabadi, Mother Tongue, Fay Nicolson, Lisa Nyberg, Jens Strandberg
May 4th, 2013 - August 18th, 2013

Transmission Gallery (Glasgow), Generator Projects (Dundee) and Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh) have been collaboratively participating in 24 Spaces: A Cacophony an examination of non-commercial artist or curator driven activities held within the Konsthall in Malmö, Sweden.


The exhibition seemed to take the art fair as a model for its form, each space or project being give an area within a large exhibition hall. In response to this we wanted to participate in a way that would enact a transparently collaborative or collective approach rather than represent it. A dialogue developed between Transmission, Embassy and Generator, arising from a shared desire to examine our conditions and contexts as artist run spaces in Scotland and an intention to do so in a way that could be expansive, generative and unfamiliar.


Rather than keeping two parts to the project – a private, discursive, programming side and public product, we decided to conduct all aspects publicly and display the whole process of our participation within the Konsthall. This was with the intention of negotiating ways to break down the physical boundaries and separations within the gallery space and our contexts, attempting to find ways of openly collaborating within these conditions. This included producing a publication that contained our early correspondence around the project.


For the opening of 24 Spaces, members from each committee travelled to Malmö together to set up a framework in which contributions from others could take place throughout the duration of the exhibition. This included a web page projected live into the Malmö Konsthall that could be updated/ changed remotely. This website is available here:


Subsequently, we invited a number of groups and individuals to contribute a response to the context of the exhibition and the publication within the parameters of a small fee, production budget and the physical context of the Konsthall.