EMBASSY is a non-profit making artist-run gallery founded in 2004. The gallery holds a yearly programme of exhibitions and events and exhibits at off site projects. Each year we also co-ordinate the Annuale festival; a presentation of grassroots artistic activity in various venues throughout the city.
The gallery co-ordinates and presents a professional development programme for students at Edinburgh College of Art in return for some funding towards the gallery’s core costs.
EMBASSY has also received funding from the Scottish Arts Council, ECA Trustees and the Young Scot Award.
EMBASSY has a rolling committee of 5 to 7 members who work on a voluntary basis and are supported by a members base. The committee are responsible for all aspects of the gallery and serve as directors for a 2 year period.




By becoming a member of the Embassy, you are helping us to continue putting on quality exhibitions and events in Edinburgh. Not only do annual membership fees form an essential part of our budget, but our membership is also an indispensable resource (in terms of invigilators, new directors, etc.) for our volunteer committee. There are also many benefits available to you when you become a member:

* You can apply to have your work included in our annual members’ show, members’ project and members’ events
* You will receive regular email updates about the Embassy’s exhibitions and events, as well as a quarterly members’ newsletter
* You will be eligible to apply for a position on the Embassy’s directorship when one becomes available

The membership fee is £15.00.

To join us please send a cheque to the Embassy Gallery or pay us securely using Paypal. Please be sure to include your phone number, name and address.

At the EMBASSY we programme a year in advance so it is very difficult for us to accept proposals for exhibitions.

We do not accept proposals for solo presentations however if you have a proposal for a group exhibition or other project please send us a written outline of the proposed exhibition or project (to be no more than 300 words). Please do not include any other supporting material. If we are interested in developing the idea further we will get in touch and request further information.

Please note that we cannot accept proposals from full time students.

The originating committee comprised of Kim Coleman, Craig Coulthard, Tommy Grace, Jenny Hogarth, Dave Maclean, Kate Owens and Catherine Stafford. They were replaced entirely by John Farrugia, Deborah Jackson, Katie Orton, Debjani Banerjee, and Dan Brown.

After this the EMBASSY committee became less defined and since 2007 has included Angela Beck, Luke Cooke-Yarborough, Joe Etchell, Benjamin Fallon, Martine Foltier-Pugh, Alexa Hare, John A. Harrington, Shona Handley, Kirsty Hendry, Oliver Herbert, Norman James Hogg, Tessa Lynch, Ciara McDermott, Shona Macnaughton, Laurie Macpherson, Francesca Nobilucci, James Thomas Philips, Ashleigh Reid, Jenny Richards, Fintan Ryan, Sally Sears-Black, Dane Sutherland, Daniella Watson, Jake Watts, Joanna Baxter Wilson, Suzanne van der Lingen, Joe Harvey, Astrid Newman, Jordan Pilling, Matthew Bainbridge, Phoebe Miller, Katie Bootland, Ed Twaddle, Oisín Gallagher, Ed Compson, Connie Hurley, Michael Di Rienzo, Quinn Garrison, Gemma Jones and Christian Noelle Charles, Rachael Simpson, Polina Chizhova and Amber Stevenson.

with directors working from 2 months to 2 years.

ECA Project Assistant 2020: Joanna Hooper

ECA Project Assistant 2019: Jody Mulvey

ECA Project Assistant 2018: Siobhan McLaughlin

Embassy’s website and activities from 2003 – 2008 and from 2008 – 2015.

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EMBASSY is registered in Scotland Company Number: 259872 and Charity No. SC035780
EMBASSY is supported by: Creative Scotland