Échange Écossais

Thomas Dozol, Siân Hislop, Leslie Kulesh, Sam Levack & Jen Lewandowski, Jon Nash, Nick Pankhurst, Berry Patten, Lucy Woodhouse
February 23rd, 2013 - March 3rd, 2013

Curated by Sam Levack & Jen Lewandowski


Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and French Riviera, London are pleased to present Échange Écossais, a group exhibition showcasing the artists who have worked with French Riviera during its first two years and featuring works by Thomas Dozol, Siân Hislop, Leslie Kulesh, Sam Levack & Jen Lewandowski, Jon Nash, Nick Pankhurst, Berry Patten and Lucy Woodhouse.

The exhibition is the first part of Embassy’s Annual Members Show Exchange 2013 and a reciprocal exhibition of Embassy members, curated by Scottish collective Ortonandon, will be shown at French Riviera, London, later in 2013.

Thomas Dozol works with silkscreen prints on paper; his practice begins with the photographic image, which he shoots on film, he then removes the background context and highlights the figure using geometric shapes and colour.

Siân Hislop works with acrylic ink and oil on paper, her series of screen kisses investigate the space between triumph and decay in Americana.

Leslie Kulesh’s work presents environments situated between the digital and the organic, using the filter of popular culture to tackle contemporary feminism and late technology.

Sam Levack & Jen Lewandowski present a new film work inspired by dance with experimental music by their band Das Hund.

Jon Nash’s A4 laser-jet prints show images lifted from the internet, digitally painted on, then replaced with corresponding metadata; widely disseminated, the image exists as multiple versions of the original, repeated on blogs, forums and websites.

Nick Pankhurst’s sound piece, originally composed for French Riviera’s gallery answerphone, is a conversation collaged together from late night telephone calls to empty offices.

Both Berry Patten and Lucy Woodhouse show film works, commissioned by French Riviera and screened at the South London Gallery as part of PAMI, Peckham Artists Moving Image Festival.