Metteurs en Scène

If walls could talk... 2002

Flight of Fancy 2005

Hearth 1994

About the Show

“Catherine Bertola makes art out of putting the dirt back. She touches what has touched other people and in turn touches us.” Cherry Smith, A Dent in Time
Bertola’s work is site orientated, process based and quite often temporary in its nature. She uses the histories and contexts of a site as a starting point from which to physically interrogate and enhance the poetics of the space, by embedding her own perishable trace and adding other layers of meaning.

Work presented in the Embassy is set in the ‘unnoticeable everyday’, it tells a story of a collector and her peculiars. This thrilling intrigue takes us through the evidence of human presence and traces of ongoing activity. Although made from quite different materials, both works (The Dust Carpet and The Flight of Fancy) create an unforgettable collage, built on the rubble of the everyday ambience that we are steeped in. They intimate vulnerability and abundance. Objects excavated from space devoid of human existence and staged in the context of history and function of the space re-enter a new circle of life, creating a new dimension into which we are invited.

Throughout this spectacle of the staged spirit of the past, we are reintroduced to objects endowed into daily matters. Objects that from now on will exist in the illusive dimension of our granted consent. Objects that, if we permit, will take show us a new way of experiencing time.

Kasia Dobrowolska (Cienkim Glosem International Magazine)

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