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Teashrine 2005

Palace Video 2005

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‘I want to use video in the same way I would use a piece of string or an ironing board.’ – Darren Banks

Born in Orsett, Essex in 1978 Darren Banks is a graduate of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in both BA Hons and MA Fine Art. Banks is a resident of Newcastle and is represented by the Workplace Gallery that dwells in the iconic shade of “Get Carter Car Park”.

Banks works primarily within the framework of video, installation and the mechanics of found objects. Of late he has exhibited in Comfort Zones (2007) that surveys the environment of the home at the Oriel Davies Gallery in Newton, Wales and the ARTfutures exhibition at the Bloomberg in March.
The ocular aesthetic of Banks’ work is frenzied, irregular, humorous, playful and at times unnerving, evident in his film Interiors which explores the rooms of an old rickety house complemented by John Carpenter’s classic synth score from the seminal slasher flick Halloween (1978).

Components of Banks’ oeuvre includes breaking down and re-building familiar objects, evident in his Roswell inspired Mothership (2005), an amalgamation of everyday kitchen utensils, and environments such as the domestic hybrid area of Tea Shrine (2005) and imbuing them with a potent scent of uncertainty and nostalgia.

In reaction to his video Palace Video (2005) at this years New York Art Fair he was attributed with giving rise to “…a mental blackhole sucking us into a world of throw-away VHS culture circa 1987.”

Banks unquestionably has no aim in sticking to a ceremonial approach but instead keep subverting the very bits and pieces we take for granted or that have perished with time and coating them in a impious veil of joie de vivre. As Michael Caine’s Jack Carter would say: “Now behave yourself!”

Ben Newell – The New Norwich Times

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