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Journey to the Lower World 2004

Red Fox (self portrait) - 1999

Journey to the Lower World 2004

About the Show

London born artist, Marcus Coates continues his quest to ‘become animal’ in his most revealing role to date. The Embassy Gallery proudly presents ’’Journey to the Lower World’’ staring Coates as a performance artist who – dressed as a stag – tries to help a group of Liverpudlian residents. We see Coates perform an ancient shamanistic ritual, claiming the ability to diagnose and cure human suffering through communication with the spirit world. Coates’ work has long been pre-occupied with the notion of humans ‘becoming animal’ and in this film we witness the extremes he is willing to go for his art. Set in the sitting room of a flat in a soon to be demolished tower block in Liverpool, we watch in wonderment and intrigue as Coates goes on a mental journey to the animal spirit world. All his supporting cast can do is sit haplessly looking on. At first bemused, a contoured look of disbelief, awe and even a little fear gradually sweeps over their faces as Coates falls deeper into a trance. An engaging and completely unscripted film that’s sure to send the viewer into fervent reverie.

Ailbhe Clyne (The Irish Exhibitionist)

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