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Ilana Mitchell & Susie Green - The Set Up 2005

Ilana Mitchell & Susie Green - The Set Up 2005

About the Show

The Set Up
16 mm film installation, 2005
Duration: 33 minutes
Single takes of private musical performances

The collaborative début of Ilana Mitchell and Susie Green bring us the glamour, atmosphere, nuances and mistakes of live performance caught on film. Nine bands played live and were filmed within a constructed set in Mitchell’s living room, transforming a private home into a public space. No live audience was present at the time, but later the film had its premiere in the same space when it was shown to its first audience.‘Unlike a music video which distracts with changing shots and fast cuts, The Set Up allows the audience to concentrate or drift in and out of the performances as they would in a live situation.’ – Ilana Mitchell.

Both directorial facilitators are intrigued by the interaction of performance, performer and viewer. From an elaborative planning process of dreaming and drawing wonderful structures to host The Set Up, the project has grown into a timeless stage where audience is displaced and viewer invited. On general release from 23rd June 2007, The Set Up will be showcased to another intimate audience.

Talitha Kotze (The Glocal l’Africain du sud)