Metteurs en Scène

Portalfolio 2007

Portalfolio 2007

Portalfolio 2007

About the Show

‘I am always so unsure of what exhibition openings ‘do’ so decided to formalize, choreograph and in turn create a pastiche of these events’ - Susie Green.

Susie Green is a Newcastle based artist. In the exhibition Metteurs en Scène, the newest and most significant of her works are presented: “The Set Up” (2005) – a film created in collaboration with Ilana Mitchell – and “Portalfolio” (2006-2007), a mysterious performance inaugurating the exhibition.

Susie Green stands in a critical position towards the contemporary cultural industries – the art world, the media and the music industry. By deconstructing and remaking mechanisms of the cultural industries she lets us see daily artefacts and events – such as video clips (“The Set Up”) or exhibition openings (“Portalfolio”) – from a different angle.

Green is an artist who communicates. Underlining your importance, rethinking your position, her works are dedicated to you – The Viewer. In her “Portalfolio”, by controlling how long and in what way you can look at her collage works, she wants you to become aware of your relationship to the works, both physical – how you are seated, standing or moving whilst looking at it – and emotional: do you feel seduced, comfortable, wrapped up or bored.

Green is an artist creating beauty. Whilst most conceptual artists ignore aesthetics, she does not. She creates conceptual, rational but at the same time dreamlike, beautiful works; works making your everyday life in a noisy city more glamorous and picturesque.

Eglė Mikalajūnaitė (The Vilnius City Star)

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