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33Selected Essays and Reviews



Alasdair Gray & Stuart Murray

Neil Mulholland

January 2007

"While Alasdair Gray may be primarily renowned as a writer, it's important to remember that he hasn't stopped drawing and painting since he left Glasgow School of Art in 1957. It's extraordinary to discover that this modest outing is his largest exhibition since 1986..."

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Published issue 104 frieze



Edinburgh Art Festival and the Annuale

Jack Mottram

November 2005

"... In the spirit of the Annuale, The Embassy presented Teaming, a show devoted to art made collaboratively, including a live performance by art-rockabilly group Uncle John & Whitelock and archive footage of a 1965 Boyle Family performance, Oh What A Lovely Whore, which saw the audience run amok, gleefully smashing pianos and  after Mark Boyle opening proceedings with the words, 'If you want an event, you'll have to do it yourselves'... "

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Published in The Map



Keith MacIsaac at The Embassy

Neil Mulholland

October 2005

A Vancouverite in the 'Old World,' MacIsaac is enticed by European heritage that is often brushed off in the rush to live in the future. With their genial repartee and spirited historical nuggets, his filmed travelogues lie somewhere between earnest Scottish hillwalking television series Weir's Way and docusoap satire The Office.

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Published in Flash Art International #244



Steep Annuale Growth at the Fringes

Susan Mansfield

23rd August 2005

Every gallery in Edinburgh pulls the stops out in August. Last year, for the first time, the main city galleries publicised their shows under the banner of the Art Festival. Not to be outdone, the artist-run initiatives got together under their own banner, The Annuale."

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Published in The Scotsman



An Act of Balancing

Catriona Black

August 2005

"...The world of formal balance comes crashing down in Teaming at the artist-run Embassy gallery, not least in a previously unseen work by the Boyle Family. In 1965 Joan and Mark Boyle organized a performance at ICA which instructed the audience to make their own entertainment."

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Published in The Sunday Herald



Edinburgh Annuale

Aurora, The Embassy, Total Kunst, Magnifitat and Wuthering Heights

Neil Mulholland

October 2004

"The Edinburgh Festival is so jam packed that it would take years to attend all the proceedings. Given this cultural glut, why launch an Annuale in August? The Festival, consisting of a few insipid blockbusters and a spattering of Sunday painters, is not exactly legendary for pioneering visual arts programming..."

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Published in Flash Art



Fire and Brimstone

Neil Mulholland

October 2004

"The Embassy has the unenviable position of competing with the Salisbury Crags, a magnet for Edinburgh's spiritual dissidents, form the Beltane fire of the Pagans to the tub-thumping of the covenanters. 'Fire and Brimstone' is a fitting epithet for zealots who, bathed in wispy pockets of red light, preached divine malediction on tyrannical authority from the Crags..."

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Published in Frieze