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Fire & Brimstone

9th July – 1st August

The show title itself almost sounds like a John Knoxxian threat of sorts, promising eternal damnation for those who dare to enjoy life. Do not worry, it merely deems to serve as a good harbinger announcing a cutting edge selection of Dark art and Light art. An array of Light art and Dark art may in fact be the best way to describe this exhibition, showcasing new work by some of the most exciting and excitable artists working in Scotland today.

‘Fire and Brimstone’ welcomes the embassy’s second venture in their newly acquired and refurbished gallery, a veritable humdinger of a space with a superb and sidey-ways view towards Salisbury Crags and vice versa (weather permitting). The exhibtion features a selection of 11 male and female artists, numbering nonchalant sinners, punctuated by the occasional secret do-gooder who skulks lamb-like amongst them, apologising wholeheartedly for any untoward misdemeanours that may have caused offence of the inadvertent kind. A metaphysical parliament of brain power, third eye Q and creative zeal, herded together collie-like by founding committee member Dave Maclean, known to many as that one man whirling dervish who heralds from Tayport in ‘The Fife’ (the celebrated birthplace of Fanny Craddock, inventor of the Tayport scone). Elements of Mysticism permeate the show, with corner of the eye glimmers of paranormal activity and ghostly whisperings referencing the old and new arts. Pagan couch potatoes lazily recline in their wicca chairs and gaze admiringly at the orchestrated artistic bedlam, knowing full-well that Rowan Morrison is alive and well, and that Mr Woodward must be ‘Allan Whickered’ for the sake of a healthy barley crop.

In a crazy epoch chock a block with the notable, this show will be one thing the viewing public will vehemently refuse to forget! They’ll be thanking us for the memories.

- Colin Martin June 2004

Melanie Carvalho

Mairi Gillies

Sam Griffin

Annette Knol

John Maclean

Duncan Marquiss

The Lonely Piper

Alex Pollard

Norman Shaw

Andrew Wake

Oran Wishart


Fire & Brimstone was curated by Dave MacLean

scottish Arts Council

Sam Griffin oran Wishart John MacLean Back Room