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Department of Reconstructive Archaeology



Repro Tableau


7th August - 29th August

Today, nobody laughs; nobody does not throw stones. Cruising at speed of 520 mph and an altitude of 51,000 ft, pulls away the breath template, sat cross-leg on velvet pouffe in the neo-classical interior of the 1975 midsize LearJet (all the more tasted that it is less personal.) Open necked Oxford weave, floppy tressed cigarette for your pleasure, Master Ferry is so terribly that one fears to offend, and one would have offered titles and honours to him if he wanted to disavow his disciples well. "Everyone should hold an opinion about Magnolia", he states, and nobody will dare contradict him, for the name of repro shall be represented. He knew well alchemical soundtracks, satanic hedonism and Xenoarcaeological reconstructions of paintings, the inside designs and cinema. Yet still Ferry's morose nemesis Hancock complained: "Boscka! Birds you promised me, and birds I 'ave not seen." By day, a small cog in a big machine, working, as he does, in a soulless office where everyone looks the same feelings of major dissatisfaction. After hours though, Hancock creates 'Shapist masterpieces' such as his statue of a slug-like creature with thick, leathery skin, human-like arms, large dead-eyes, and a broad opening which his slaves - Oola and Diva Shaliqua - want out of the palace. But all was explained, when Ferry looked at the works more closely. Repro rounded the too hard angles of genius; it is the charmed crowd which finds it similar to everyone and which applauds, satisfied to see, finally the Master at its feet. By closing the eyes, Repro taught us to re-examine energetic works of only one mass, real until the truth.


Dave Alker & Peter Liddel

Chris Burden

Lali Chetwynd

London Institute of 'Pataphysics Department of Reconstructive Archaeology

Lucy McKenzie

Arash Moori


Male and Female


Manchester, London, USA, Birmingham, Glasgow.

Favourite TV Shows:

Poirot, Most Extreme Elimination, Hancock's Half Hour, Stockhausen Serves Imperialism.

Favourite Movies (Other than Pirates of the Caribbean):

24 Hour Party People, Invocation of my Demon Brother, The Rebel, Deathwatch, Return of the Jedi.

Favourite Books:

The Ubu Plays, Death from Afar - Marine Corps Sniping Vol. III, Sloane Ranger's Handbook.

Favourite Explorer:

Juan Ponce de Leon, Alfred Jarry, Chewbacca.

Favourite Holiday:

Victoria Day, Quinquagesima Sunday, Watergate Day, Maundy Thursday.

Biggest fears:

Being stuck in outer space without a space suit, aeroplanes, Magick, shamelessly pandering to African Americans, hippies, and elderly tourists.

Biggest likes:

1975 neo-neo-classicism, Scratch Orchestra, sadomasochism, Shapism, my country.


Interior design, genealogy, sound alchemy, 'pataphysics.


scottish Arts Council
Back Room: Alker & Liddel, Lucy MacKenzie, Arash Moori Side Room: Chris Burden