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Strategic Art Getts
30th September - 30th October 2005


The Gun

" - The Master awoke at dawn and was immediately aware of an object lying at his feet. 'Twas a beautiful Pringle sweater with a red body, midnight-blue sleeves and boasting a lion rampant for decoration on the chest. On closer inspection, the master discovered that the sweater had been signed by the brothers Reid and bore the Legend PERSEVERE! This garment was far too precious to be worn on any man's back, he judged. Instead, he would mount the boy's gift on a T-bar and use it as the Gun standard, just like the Faerie Flag of Dungavel..."


Extracted from:

The Faerie Boy of Leith

The One O'Clock Gun Volume II Issue 3


The Gun is a free periodical distributed around Edinburgh including The Embassy, The Collective, Hectors & The Bailie and can be contacted at

" - The Faerie Flag of The Gun can be observed at any Gun launch party, or on occasions where our cause requires a little magical aid"


The One O'Clock Gun

The Gun - The Battle of Honours of Edinburgh's One O'Clock Periodical

mixed media

Robin Scott

The Gun (detail)

Charlie & Craig Reid

The Gun (detail)


The One O'Clock Gun Keith Farquhar Rob Montgomery Tayto et Tayto The Rebel