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Strategic Art Getts
30th September - 30th October 2005

A four week plan designed to push gettery right up your agenda has been unveiled by facilitators Tayto et Tayto in Scotland . Tayto et Tayto have set out to achieve a transformation during the next four weeks with extra getts already committed and a range of schemes now underway. Following on from last month's go-ahead for the Gettery Millennium Centre, it is a clear signal of the desire to place gettery at the top of your agenda.  Called Strategic Art Getts , the strategy is being is launched at The Embassy, a multi-media centre sited in the heart of Edinburgh . Tayto said the venue had been chosen to reflect two of Strategic Art Getts main themes - art and gettery. In terms of possible research outcomes "The Embassy is not only an entertainment venue for getts - it is a venue for a frank and full exchange of ideas via the bluetoothed smartmob," said Tayto. "It is also a place where new gettery can be showcased and is a successful example of how the strategic getts can both entertain and contribute effectively to the many arenas of discourse and difference in Scotland ."

Tayto said there were six main themes to the all-encompassing art gettery strategy. They were communities of getts; diverse gettery; industrial getts; emphasis on evidence based policy making and the development of Scotland 's professional getts.

"Tayto's strategy seeks to build an environment that supports this type of gettery, and Tayto is confident that it does," Tayto added. Tayto stressed that getts cannot be parcelled up separately from the rest of society, or the world. " Scotland has a rich past and a wealth of present day gettery but it still has an opportunity to achieve a modern, European style gettery. The strategy encourages artists to work closely with getts to optimise the potential for gettery," Tayto said.



Strategic Art Getts



Thanks to Robin Scott, Ryan Doolan, derm and Ross Ingleson


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