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Katie Orton
Katie Orton - For The Foyer
cardboard, fablon, cigarette


Zoo Art Fair

20th - 24th October 2005

The Embassy at the Zoo Art Fair

A seven-strong troupe of Edinburgh based creatives established The Embassy in the month of May 2004, and since then have been the diminutive giants of East Crosscauseway where the gallery resides, on a busy avenue of energy, flowing to and from Salisbury Crags, hosting a glorious array of exhibitions and events since their inauguration.

Melanie Carvalho
Melanie Carvalho - UNTITLED
oil on canvas

Melanie Carvalho's richly composed and paradisiacal landscapes evoke something of the edenic. A horticultural ambassador and worshipper of Flora the Jolly Italian Goddess of flowering plants, intelligently designing flora and fauna'd worlds on paper, an Osgood Mackenzie of the visual arts, a founder of wilderness gardens and an artistic naturalist. A maker of not so still lives, as the viewers orchestrate their own subconscious soundtracks, which may include the buzz of bees, the liquid song of birds and the rhythmic vibration of musical grasshoppers. Indeed, the blooming landscapes could be created arbitrarily by travelling from exotic climes through the digestive tracts of exotic paper birds, carried migratorially on and through Carvalho's gulf stream of consciousness. Alluding to foreign lands, and their foreign foliage gaining footholds on foreign shores.


Katie Orton
Katie Orton - Turn or Burn
acrylic on canvas

Katie Orton's sculptural works garner inspiration from popular culture and a bar society where smoking is soon to be banned and people may see clearly now the smoke has gone. From the magical and mysterious utterings of Ivor Cutler in a bar full of Talking Heads, the noise is abated on request to a bearable degree. Orton sits there thinking about the memorial to Robert Louis Stevenson in the Moray Aisle of St Giles Cathedral and takes a ruminative drag (Zug) on her cigarette only to find it has been covertly and rudely replaced by a writers quill of old, and receives a mouthful of nicotine less black ink, and she literally swears loudly through livid blackened lips. Chance plays a part in her work, and card sharks circle us malevolently with ever decreasing smoke rings as they prepare to lay down a devastating hand of fate. The colour of money pales in horror and pool balls are trickily potted and winnings are quickly pocketed.


The Lonely Piper
The Lonely Piper - Silver sweethearts, with tiny heads and tiny tails
Shaped MDF, white ink, vinyl black matt emulsion, 30 x 30cm, 2005

The Lonely Piper is an ancient provocator whose physical age is thirty, in metaphysical terms however, his vital essence is older than myth. A solitudinous soul romantically entwined with the rugged grandeur of his spiritual environs. Whose work is informed by the geographical and cultural landscape, and fictitious and fact based Caledonian narratives, oft guided by elemental forces and an eight-legged thought process (a hairy legged muse), which accounts for his non-technology web-based works, a metaphorical arachnid offshoot of the Piper's psyche. A Caledon conscience albeit a cave dwelling Jiminy cricket, who weaves poetic verse'lets that glisten in the silken darkness, with words highlighted by globlets of mountain dew. He is also prone during the warmer months to the romantic malady of heather pollen lung. Hear his Skirl!

Text - Colin Martin

The Lonely Piper
The Lonely Piper - Some Take The High Road
acrylic, postcard, collage