GRADJOB 2018/19

Danny Pagarani
Katie Dibb
Harry Maberly
Jens Masimov
Kat Cobain
Donald Butler
Suzie Eggins
November 1st, 2018 - June 1st, 2019

GRADJOB is a collaboratively produced learning and un-professional practice programme which aims to support eight recent graduates across eight months. GRADJOB, in its second iteration, aims to reach graduates working across a range of disciplines and varied artistic approaches, across Scotland, to build a useful and supportive dialogue and resource.

Regrettably, GRADJOB emerged from the lack of support, exploitation, and precarious working conditions experienced by emerging artists currently working in Scotland. It aims to offer support and inspiration to artists and organisers in the early stages of their career and who are in need of practical advice about how to survive, thrive, and develop their practice. GRADJOB celebrates learning how to: create opportunities, keep going, EAT LUNCH TOGETHER, write applications, MAKE TIME, build audiences, work collectively, make your own art world, SAY NO, juggle things, make friends, MESS IT UP, stay confident and grounded, find spaces, expand networks and be proactive!