Adam Benmakhlouf
Ed Twaddle
Tamara MacArthur
Zoë Griffin
September 15th, 2017 - October 8th, 2017

HOLD ON ON HOLD is a group show by recent Scottish graduates Adam Benmakhlouf, Ed Twaddle, Tamara MacArthur and Zoë Griffin.

The show is a scattering of flat sculptures, a re-angled screen, and variously hand/machine-made cutouts around a falling-down paper theatre.

__but it all keeps falling down

Stand-ins and replacements suspend, yearning for contact, as the physical limits of the human body are traced, extended and spent. An exhausting performance, haptic film, pornographic metal cutouts and painted wooden silhouettes navigate denial, the sticky/slick smooth residue of unfillable longing and the erotic pleasure of consumption.

___down a smooth throat
___no back no front
___it’s all the same the biscuit, the counter
___the paper, the dress, the face on the hand
___that’s a hand on the face that’s holding

___holding things up
___holding things down
___holding you