Making Ground

Rosa Johan Uddoh
Ebun Sodipo
Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika & Zoë Guthrie
February 15th, 2019 - March 24th, 2019

EMBASSY presents new video, installation and performance work by Rosa Johan Uddoh, Ebun Sodipo and Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika & Zoë Guthrie in an exploration of futurity, utopias, world building and the intersection between place and identity formation.

15th February 2019 7pm-10pm

16th February 2019 – 24th March
Thursday – Sunday 12-6


Imagining Queer Futures Reading Groups:

Week 1.
Thursday 21/02/2019 6.30-8pm
This week we will be discussing Jose Esteban Munoz ‘Cruising Utopia: The When and Where of Queer Futurity’. The discussion will be led by Krizia Puig and Sav Shlauderaff Co-founders of Queer Futures Collective

Week 2.
Thursday 07/03/2019 6.30-8pm
This week we will be discussing David Graeber Revolutions in Reverse. The discussion will be led by Queer Theorist and Curator Quinn Garrison.

Week 3.
Thursday 14/03/2019 6.30-8pm
This week we will be discussing Queer Stuff Critical Utopianism and It’s Discontents by Nishant Shahani. The discussion will be led by Artist and Associate Curator of Grand Union Gallery and Studios and Sean Elder

Week 4.
Thursday 21/03/2019 6.30-8pm
This week we will be discussing Carla Frecerro ‘Queer Times’. The discussion will be led by Theorist and Historian Glyn Davis



Tuesday 26/02/2019 6.30-8pm

Mapping Queer Utopias Concrete Poetry Workshop
In what timescapes and landframes do queer utopias exist? What materials did-do-will-would they consist of? What did-does-will-would a map of them look like?
Join us for a discursive, creative workshop led by artist and poet Hannah Summers where we will explore the queer cartographic potential of concrete poetry.
We encourage you to bring your own text – some writing you did, a poem you found, a bus ticket, whatever! But be prepared to break it down, mix it up, and pour-mould-set-erode it into something new.
(All materials will be provided)
EMBASSY Queer Futures Zine Making Workshop

Sunday 24/03/2019 1-4pm

In this workshop we will use the technique of Bricolage as a way to reappropriate images and text creating new meanings through intertextuality and collective authorship. The goal of the workshop is to disrupt existing hegemonic frameworks for cultural production and to imagine queer futures. Our Queer Futures Zine will be made available online.We aim to create a generally safe and inclusive environment at our events and ask people to respect each other. If you feel unsafe at any point, please feel free to speak to a member of our committee.

This exhibition and all satellite activity is free to attend
Gender-neutral toilets are available
We have no disabled toilets or baby changing facilities
Unfortunately our venue is not currently wheelchair accessible
Assistance dogs welcome
This show will include scent

If you have any questions about access please email us at