Fathoms: Iain Morrison

Fathoms: Iain Morrison

Friday 16th March 7pm

After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in music, Iain moved to Bristol where he developed a collaboratively driven interdisciplinary practice, returning to his home city of Edinburgh in 2010.

Iain currently balances his creative work and collaborations with his job at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh.

His performance work includes The Library is Open!, a night of drag queen poetry at the Scottish Poetry Library that won a Creative Edinburgh award, and a durational presentation of the complete Emily Dickinson poems – a piece developed with Forest Centre+ that was subsequently taken on tour to Berlin.

Iain is a writer-in-residence at John Hansard Gallery in Southampton, and his first collection of poems, I’m A Pretty Circler, will be published by Glasgow-based Vagabond Voices later this year.



Slow dancing with ideas, objects and bodies, Fathoms is a new collaboration between Mark Bleakley and MollyMae Whawell using performance and sculpture. During the opening the artists presented a series of performed compositions exploring emotional and spatial relations between other bodies and the architectures around us. Each week an extension is made towards another artist to contribute and react to the exhibition. Artists contributing to the exhibition are Iain Morrison and Aya Kobayashi.