Rolling Peaks

Rhona Foster, Yasmin Mawer, Sinead Hargan and Anya Wigdel-Bowcott
January 24th, 2019 - February 17th, 2019


We are delighted to announce that EMBASSY has been invited by Paper Mountain to celebrate Scottish Artist Run Initiatives in PEAKS 2019 / Fringe World Festival, in Perth, AUSTRALIA !

We are exhibiting work by Rhona Foster and Yasmin Mawer, Sinead Hargan and Anya Wigdel-Bowcott as part of the festival alongside a series of public workshops collaboratively designed by the artists and delivered by the EMBASSY committee.

Rhona is a multimedia artist from Edinburgh who uses film, animation and sculpture. Rhona creates absurd characters and fictional narratives which she uses to explore political and societal topics. Recent works have explored themes of ethical consumption, ecological concerns, political impotence and moral hypocrisy. Narratives have probed topics such as ‘virtue signalling’ culture, twitter mobs, online shaming and food gentrification. An underlying theme of class is persistent throughout Rhona’s works. This is communicated by an incorporation of the everyday and an eschewing of professionalism. Costumes, props and actors’ performances are characterised by an amateur style element.⁣

Land Claim is an ongoing collaborative project spanning live performance and film, devised and performed by Yasmin Mawer, Sinead Hargan and Anya Wigdel-Bowcott. All of their work is created through an intuition-led process, and is based on the practice of what feels right, alive, political and empowering. Land Claim explores the idea that artistic interventions in rural Scottish landscapes can act as forms of feminist protest and celebration. They intervene, record, leave traces and occupy wild lands as a form of rethinking and reworking learned narratives around women. They take it as the role of artists to highlight frustrations with the current social climate that breeds passivity, disengagement and isolation. They take their bodies into pre-conquered landscapes and re-conquer them. ⁣



EMBASSY will deliver a series of learning and sharing workshops which aims to encourage discussion, collaboration and action. These workshops have been designed and delivered initially by and for artists, educators, organisers who are currently working without pay within the Contemporary Art scene in Edinburgh.