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29th September 2022

Constitution Changes – September 2022

EMBASSY is pleased to announce that on the 27th of September, at our 2022 AGM, our members base voted to approve the new constitution for EMBASSY.

Following an extended period of research, reflection and shared conversation, the EMBASSY committee presented our re-written constitution, to all of those within our community of members who wished to attend. The changes to our articles of association have now allowed us to update our governance structure, and implement the support of our first ever board. EMBASSY is incredibly excited to present these changes, as we are now able to move in a positive direction forward, allowing the role of committee members to be remunerated, making the role more accessible, whilst supporting the sustainability of the organisation. 

Presented at the AGM, was a translated ‘Plain- Speech’ version of the constitution, that gives context to the reasons for updating certain elements, and describes certain legal terminology in more accessible language. We do still however recognise the constitution is a complicated and unfamiliar document that leaves little space for retaining the spirit of EMBASSY therefore, the committee is also working to develop a working handbook, listing the ways we wish to work together and with our wider community. Seeking to centre care, mutual support, anti-institutional and anti- formal practise, the handbook will act as guidance for future committees to come, as we move through this pivotal moment. 

To read the constitution as a PDF download, please access the file here-

Plain speech constitution

With excitement and hope for EMBASSY’s future, this is wonderful news that will enable us to continue to sustain the work of the committee and support our wider community.

Thank you!

Georgia, Frieda, Maria & Lauren (the EMBASSY committee, 2022)