Love 2 Love: Loves 2 Draw

Queer Life Drawing Edinburgh

Queer Life Drawing hosts its very first in-person event at EMBASSY Gallery between 3 and 5pm on Saturday 12th of February.

Queer Life Drawing is ran by Disabled, Queer, life model and artist Callen McKeon (they/them) who started the weekly online session to support, nurture, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ models. EMBASSY will host this exclusive event featuring model Aimée MacCallum (she/her).

Tickets at this event are free but donations will be accepted. These will go towards providing attendees with free tickets in future Queer Life Drawings events.  Suggested donation £10 for those who can afford that much, £5 for those who can afford that much or nothing if you cannot afford to donate.


Image 1:  Pink satin background with pearls in spiralling design. On the top reads Love 2 Love in hot pink and pale pink. The letter 2 is gold and has a Cupid arrow through it. The centre text reads Loves 2 Draw and the bottom text read Embassy Valentine’s symphony. Both middle and bottom text are in a dark purple spiky font

Image 2: Text reads Queer Life Drawing in thick, black, scribbley font. Underneath is a black drawing of a pencil in the centre of the page. On either side of this drawing are splashes of colour in yellow, pale purple, light blue, brown, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

There will be a stairlift leading into the space. There are no disabled toilets at the EMBASSY venue, if you require this for the event please email for more information on how we can provide this. The space will be warm and quiet.


19th February 3pm- 5pm.



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