OPENING. Welcome to Babeworld.

OPENING. Welcome to Babeworld.

Babeworld opening!! Limited spaces available. Come and celebrate the dystopian, doll house, excellence that is ‘Welcome to Babeworld!’

If you can’t attend the opening, exhibition tickets can be booked here.

In a version of a dystopian future, not so far from our current reality, we visit Pandemonium. Hell on earth, where two sex workers take refuge in a dollhouse at the meeting points of fragmented realities. The dollhouse is a garish ‘Babeworld pink’, and a reddish glow spills out from the windows that look out onto scorched land and hellscapes. Signs of a past presence leaves half eaten crisps and drinks to stagnate in this apocalyptic place.

Sex workers are a large community yet work in isolated conditions due to criminalisation. Unable to work under the same roof without the threat of facing criminal charges, and existing on the outskirts of society is attempted social control- we create alternative spaces and refuge. The dollhouse seeks to explore the daily mundanities of the life of a sex worker whilst portraying the negative external forces that demonise us. Without sensationalising or glamourising sex work, we manipulate perception and make use of storytelling via science fiction and fantasy to discuss the complexities of the sex worker experience.

Splitting ourselves between realities and roles as we navigate the world as sex workers, means picking up and putting down alternating personas. So through this back and forth, our realities split and merge- creating a piece of our imagined and desired reality with the dollhouse. Babeworld colours, currency, and reflections of our real-life spaces are a reaction to our isolation and desperate need for a safer space.

Public safety: A notice to all attendees, please observe social distancing within the gallery during your visit and observe all COVID 19 health and safety directions signposted in the gallery. Face masks must be worn at all times unless exempt. There is hand sanitiser in the main entrance to the right and a limited number of spare masks will be available if needed. The space will be regularly cleaned during opening times.

EMBASSY is committed to meeting current Scottish Government health and safety standards throughout the exhibition. We encourage visitors to book a ticket for a given day via Eventbrite. A limited amount of visitors will be permitted in the gallery at a given time and if our capacity exceeds this visitors may be subject to a short wait.

Ashleigh Williams

Caitlin Whittle

Gabriella Davies

Ellie Harman Taylor

Please email ahead of your visit if you have any questions or requests about accessibility measures. The space is not physically accessible as it has 12 stairs leading to the entrance. The gallery will be lit with red lighting and will have audio playing throughout the space.


July 8th. 6pm- 7pm and 7.30pm- 8.30pm


10b Broughton Street Lane, EH1 3LY, Edinburgh

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