Severance: by Eden Dodd

Severance. Solo exhibition by Eden Dodd.





noun: severance; plural noun: severances


  1. the action of ending a connection or relationship/the state of being separated or cut off.


  1. division by cutting or slicing.


Severance finds a connection with the fracture. Spaces between planes of existence, of dichotomies and of the physical and ethereal states. Eden Dodd is a non-binary Transfeminine person who explores dualities, reflections and doubles – the other always existing within the self. Through their lens of queerness, she can exist in both sides of the mirror, simultaneously.


Booking for the private view will also book you into Love 2 Love: Loves 2 Perform.


Accessibility & Trigger warning

For the exhibition ‘Severance’ by Eden Dodd, the gallery will be lowly lit, with mirror works illuminated by spotlights and red flood lights. The gallery will be dark, but there will be enough light for comfortable mobility around the space.  

The exhibition work concerns topics of tragedy, darkness and loss, from the perspective of a transfeminine person, with some titles of the works referential to topics of self-harm. The works are created out of mirrors and aren’t graphic or pictorial in their depiction of such acts. Using a trigger sensitive approach, we wish to highlight these themes, as we recognise it could be distressing to some viewers. 

If you have any questions prior to visiting the gallery please contact us via and a member of the committee will be happy to assist you/ talk through the works further. EMBASSY does not have a landline, however through the email we can provide you with an individual contact number from the committee, should you wish to talk via the phone. 




Opening February 12th 6pm – 9pm. Runs alongside live performance evening ‘Loves 2 Perform’.

Open February 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. 12pm – 6pm.



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