Thirteen Moons

Thirteen Moons

EMBASSY is delighted to welcome visitors back to our gallery space with a solo exhibition by Seamus Killick.

Thirteen Moons takes as its starting point the disruption of cycles, with references to the artificiality of cinema and theatre,

the fetishization of nature, and spectacles of shape, light and colour.

“The room acts as an artificial fertiliser for the cold ground of November;

a bouquet on the tombstone of one of the strangest summers in recent collective memory.

The space is one of nourishment at the advent of a difficult season”

Safety for visitors:

EMBASSY is committed to meeting current Scottish Government health and safety standards throughout the exhibition.

We encourage visitors to book a ticket for a given day via Eventbrite.

A maximum of 6 people will be permitted in the gallery at a given time and if our capacity exceeds this visitors may be subject to a short wait.

Unfortunately, our venue is not physically accessible for all visitors at present

due the a staircase to access the gallery.

Seamus Killick