23rd September 2019



Deadline: midnight on Friday 11th October 2019

GRADJOB is a collaboratively produced learning and un-professional practice programme which aims to support eight recent graduates across eight months. GRADJOB, in its second iteration, aims to reach graduates working across a range of disciplines and varied artistic approaches, across Scotland, to build a useful and supportive dialogue and resource.

The programme will begin in November 2019 and the curriculum will be based around six intensive weekend gatherings. These sessions will focus on graduate needs within Scotland today. The programme was designed based on the feedback of 2018/19 participants and new GRADS will have the opportunity to shape the programme throughout.

Regrettably, GRADJOB emerged from the lack of support, exploitation, and precarious working conditions experienced by emerging artists currently working in Scotland. It aims to offer support and inspiration to artists and organisers in the early stages of their career and who are in need of practical advice about how to survive, thrive, and develop their practice. GRADJOB celebrates learning how to: create opportunities, keep going, EAT LUNCH TOGETHER, write applications, MAKE TIME, build audiences, work collectively, make your own art world, SAY NO, juggle things, make friends, MESS IT UP, stay confident and grounded, find spaces, expand networks and be proactive!

The eight selected residents will work collaboratively throughout the programme, along with invited educators, artists and organisations. Sessions will take the form of workshops, events, discussions, meals, screenings and trips.

Graduates selected for GRADJOB will be expected to commit to full involvement in and engagement with all aspects of the programme, which will run from November 2019 through June 2020. Participants must commit to at least 5 sessions out of 6. Please do not apply if you cannot commit to participating fully.

GRADJOB is supported by the voluntary committee of EMBASSY Gallery and Creative Scotland.

Who can apply: Artists, organisers, educators, designers, curators and creatives practising within Scotland and who have graduated from a Scottish University, Art or Design school within the last 2 years (graduated in 2018 and 2019). Participants must hold a BA Hons, Masters or Post Graduate degree. Applicants must be currently based in Scotland. We will also consider artists who do not have a degree but have undertaken an equivalent level of training/education/sustained practice and are at the same stage in their careers.

We are looking for applicants who are ambitious, open, questioning, and supportive of others. Applicants must be keen to explore practical and inspiring ideas which contribute to the development and sustainability of projects, careers and communities.

Artist fee: £864.00 with support towards travel.

Sessions: Session dates will be released by September 27th and are subject to change, but GRADS will be given at least one month’s notice in advance of any changes. Each session will last up to two consecutive days per month.

How to apply: Please send a letter of motivation (max 400 words) and 2 images (no larger than 2MB). These images can be of your own projects, work, structures or those of another to which you relate or are inspired by. Applications must be received by midnight on Friday 11th October 2019

To submit application please email: info@embassygallery.org with subject “yourname GRADJOB application”. Please enclose your responses into one PDF file.