16th July 2021

In the Link. Members Open Call!

EMBASSY gallery is offering a paid digital residency to its members! In response to a time of no members shows, missed opportunities, and artworks stagnating in their own isolation from human eyeballs and ear balls, EMBASSY is proud to present ‘In the Link,’ a month long, paid, digital residency. ‘In the Link’ will provide space for much needed discussions, reflections, and responses from the artistic network that gravitates around EMBASSY.


The digital residency will run between the 16th of August to the 12th September 2021, and is open to 6 participants. We will provide each artist with £800 to upload ideas and processes and respond to imagery and conversations on a living, breathing, talking, google doc. It will involve two online sessions in which contributors will have the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and plans, with participants and guest artists. The google doc will be displayed on our website throughout, and snippets of these online conversations will be displayed in a public setting once the residency has finished. The snippets will be chosen in collaboration with the artists and nothing unwanted will be shown. We do not expect the artists to work along a specific theme, rather this bursary is simply an opportunity to provide the responsive space and financial support to make new work. The prime expectation from this residency is to use the document as a living and malleable art critique and to support the participants through an informal digital realm.


This opportunity is open to ALL EMBASSY members with a three year sustained practice in art, formal qualifications are not essential. Unfortunately we cannot take on those who are in full time education or who are currently on another residency program. 




To Apply:


Answer the three questions below (100-300 words per question) or provide us with an audio response of up to 3 minutes per question. 


Provide 3-5 images of work or links to audio/visual works. For links to audio/visual work the duration must not be longer than 3 minutes. If the duration is longer then please specify which section to watch/listen to.


Please include your availability (if known) for the artist facilitated discussion groups between the times of 6pm and 9pm over the weeks of August 23rd to 29th and September 6th to 12th. Difficulty providing availability due to rota’d work or other variable commitments will not harm your application.


If you would like, you may also include links to additional platforms showing your work. 


Please attach an access doc to the application email if you use one. An access document is a comprehensive document outlining your access needs. As an artist you can use one when working with people and organisations to outline important issues that might pose barriers. This is an optional part of the application process, and will not be used as part of the selection process. 


For more information/ a template to create your own doc please visit. https://www.accessdocsforartists.com






  • What elements of collaboration or responsiveness exist in your practice or practises? How would you work with the responsive element within the digital residency?



  • Tell us about your practice and what you plan to work on throughout the residency: this could be fully formed ideas, simple questions to explore, or entirely experimental – anything that would be most productive to your practice.



  • Please expand on your need for this residency as far as you are comfortable. This question is optional.


Please collate this information into ONE SINGULAR PDF titled in the format  ‘ArtistsName_MembersBursary’. Applications should be emailed to  info@embassygallery.org  with the subject heading MEMBERS BURSARY PROGRAM” 


The deadline for applications is midnight on the 30th July 2021.


If you have any questions or additional requirements regarding access please email info@embassygallery.org and will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 


EMBASSY is an artist-run organisation run solely by volunteers, therefore we are unable to offer individual feedback on applications. We will contact all applicants to let them know the result of their application by Monday the 9th of August.