In Touch Postal Exhibitions – Selected Artists

In Touch Postal Exhibitions

We are delighted to announce our selected artists for the ‘In Touch’ Postal Series. ‘In Touch’ will be providing programming throughout the year with the release of three postal exhibitions taking place in July, October and December.

Each artist will produce 50 artworks that will be sent to the homes of subscribers; offering a unique tactile experience with artworks. If you would like to receive an ‘In Touch’ exhibition stay tuned as we will be launching our subscriber open call very soon! Find out more about the artists involved and their practices below.

– July Issue – 

Rebecca Tucker

Instagram: @b_e_ndy


Artist Statement

Rebecca Tucker is interested in exploring paradox and duality, by reinterpreting historic symbols and artefacts and merging them with invented forms. Tucker often tries to blur the line between animate character and inanimate object. Coupling familiar history and gesture with the unfamiliar, aiming to make work that could inhabit a past, present, future, or imagined reality. Tucker’s most recent body of work has focused on dissecting and reusing forms found in medieval architecture, arms and armour; with a view to understand the legacies and contradictions of our history. Tucker works in a variety of media but their primary material is ceramic.

Hamshya Rajkumar

Instagram: @traudaze

Artist Statement

Hamshya Rajkumar  is a multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with a BA(Hons) Sculpture & Environmental Art from the Glasgow School of Art in 2018, and Land Arts of the American West 2016 alumna. By situating the body outside the constraints of binary structures, she explores our human place in a world where ‘nature’ is separate, dominated and objectified. Her performance work strives to reveal the spectrality of multiple scales of coexisting lifeforms as a social body. Her experience in dance originates in Bharathanatyam, leading her to experiment with improvised dance, movement and physical performance within her defined contexts of Land+|Sea:scapes.

 – October Issue – 

Alice Martin

Instagram: @alicecmartin

Twitter: @alicecmartin


Artist Statement

Alice Martin is a Scottish contemporary artist currently living and working in Stirlingshire. Martin received her MLitt in Archaeological Studies from the University of the Highlands and Islands (2019) and BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice from Gray’s School of Art (2017). She is a Committee Member of GOSSIP (Graduate Opportunities Supporting Sustained Independent Practice) Collective, in Stirling.

Solo exhibitions are (Re)Seeing, Look Again Project Space window vitrine, Aberdeen (2020) and CTRL C, Tolbooth, Stirling (2019). Selected group shows include Change of Plan, Pathfoot Building, University of Stirling Art Collection, Stirling (2020) and They Had Four Years, GENERATORprojects, Dundee (2018).


Zsofia Jakab

instagram: @zsfiv.jkb


Artist Statement

Zsofia Jakab is an interdisciplinary artist for Hungary based in Scotland. Jake’s practice is closely supported by research, primarily working with sculpture, however, their practice tends to be a mixture of different techniques and media, combining printmaking, painting, textiles, and video work as well. Both in her art practice and research, Jakab is drawn to ideas and investigations of liminal states, metamorphoses, and abjection by observing them in the context of Surrealism and Posthumanism. Generally, in her work, Jakab is looking into the state of metamorphoses when something is neither one thing nor another but something in-between. Jakab is particularly interested in exploring the ways human (bodies) relate to different entities, what it means to be human; something that is constantly changing, and where its (uncertain) boundaries are.

 – December Issue – 

Rabindranath A Bhose 

instagram: @rabi.bhose


Artist Statement

Rabindranath A Bhose is a Glasgow-based artist with a collaborative practice that pulls performance, drawing, poetry and sculpture into close interaction. His perverted and feverish texts are often performed, making a vulnerable moment public and exploiting its urgency. Bodies emerge from the texts, performances and gestural drawings, to probe a queer masculinity. Rabi has also co-run School of the Damned and Market Gallery, with peer learning and DIY, non-hierarchical organisations forming a central part of his practice. Through all these modes, he searches for an expansive divinity which draws othered individuals into holy community where they are wholly held.

Mhairi McPhail

Instagram @mhairi_mcp


Artist Statement

Previously Mhairi McPhail painted collaged compositions, appropriating everyday objects to construct imagined interiors. McPhail’s practice has since expanded beyond the confines of the canvas edges, creating installations spatially. McPhail’s current body of work explores the material and aesthetic boundaries used in the demarcation of public and private space, specifically; fencing, flowers and the protective fleur-de-lis symbol.

Domestic interiors can be spaces for comfort, family or conflict, this is expressed in the ‘Domestic Battlefront’ installation pictured. McPhail adopts domestic materials; carpet, chains, hand-printed wallpaper, shelving and soap to consolidate this message. The fireplace, floral motifs and kitsch colours are familiar and innocuous, creating tension with the repository of battle imagery.

Rebecca Tucker, Hamshya Rajkumar, Alice Martin, Zsofia Jakab, Rabindranath A Bhose and Mhairi McPhail