Malak Mattar, debuts in Scotland with a new solo exhibition ‘Screams’.

Malak Mattar, debuts in Scotland with a new solo exhibition ‘Screams’.

‘Screams’, which will combine both drawings and paintings, will be on display at @embassygallery from 23-27th May. The opening will be at 18:30 on Thursday 23rd, where the artist herself will deliver a short talk about her work.

The drawings directly respond to the unfolding genocide in Gaza, with @malakmattarart producing over 100 pieces. Departing from her previous vibrant and colourful style, this exhibition exposes a raw and unyielding emotional reaction. Through the exhibition, we present a captivating selection of these artworks, providing a profound insight into Malak’s unfiltered and powerful artistic response to the ongoing genocide, while also showcasing some of her earlier, colourful works created before October 7th, as a glimpse of hope for the future of Palestine.

The start of the exhibition coincides with the beginning of the Edinburgh leg of the Falastin Film Festival (FFF). The exhibition will move from Embassy to In Vitro Gallery at @summerhallery from June 7th to June 28th.


23rd – 27th May



EMBASSY Gallery,

10B Broughton Street Lane

*We share a main door with ‘Gathering Essence’, we are downstairs.