Zine: Worms Eye View by Faith Limbrick

Worms Eye View by Faith Limbrick

Faith Limbrick’s text Worm’s Eye View (2021) is available to order as a limited edition, FREE, riso-printed booklet.
Worms Eye View was presented alongside EMBASSY’s screening of Geomyth by Faith Limbrick. Geomyth is available to watch through our website for those who could not make it to the physical screening. Sign up to receive your FREE booklet, straight to your door.

This text is written from the perspective of a worm, travelling deep through the earthy stratas, a lyrical twisting experiment of perception.

Faith Limbrick (b. 1990, Birmingham, UK) is an artist based in South Shropshire. She was part of the In Tandem residency at Embassy Gallery and Basic Mountain in Nov/Oct 2019 alongside Connie Hurley. Faith works with moving image, sound, and performance. Her work investigates the functions of the imagination and its relationship to land and landscapes through the experience of long-distance hiking as well as buildings and architecture and how different forms of narrative can be made around them.