Zone In- An exhibition brought to you by the MA CAP students

Zone In- An exhibition brought to you by the MA CAP students

Zone In is a multidisciplinary extravaganza of an exhibition brought to you by the artists from MA Contemporary Art Practice at ECA. As they begin the final term of their masters degree, they are zoning in on the accumulated learning and artistic development of the past 9 months, focusing their efforts and summoning their collective creative forces to bring into existence their best project yet! Zone In celebrates the vibrant and diverse practices of this year’s cohort; a little taster of the graduation exhibition to come this August…

Join us for the opening party on Friday 21st June at Embassy Gallery, 5-9pm.
Artist performance by Yancey Li 7pm
Exhibition runs from Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 25th June 10am-4pm.
Ceramic workshop with Siri Burt Sunday 23rd June 1.30 – 2.30pm  limited spaces, see eventbrite: Creating Symbolism with Clay
For information on accessibility please follow this link to the Embassy Gallery website:


22nd- 25th June

10 am  – 4pm

Opening: 21st June

5pm -9pm

Clay Workshop 23rd June 13:30-14:30



EMBASSY Gallery,

10B Broughton Street Lane

*We share a main door with ‘Gathering Essence’, we are downstairs.