Community Takeovers!

EMBASSY Gallery is available to provide space for community takeovers. We recognise the difficulty, limitations, and expense of renting out space for art events in Edinburgh and we are offering the EMBASSY Gallery space for artists, art workers, and collectives to host one day pop up events. These may take the form of workshops, talks, performances, whatever is applicable to you.
As these events are community takeovers and not part of our pre-budgeted program, EMBASSY does not provide financial, practical, or administrative assistance. The focus of a community takeover is for us to simply provide a free space. However, EMBASSY does commit to meeting at least once with the art workers to discuss the project and will share promotional information for the event on our social medias and the news section of our website.
Due to our need to budget and provide artists we commission with enough time to develop works and other art projects, we program exhibitions and art events far in advance. There is also time around publicly facing event dates in which the gallery is unusable, for example, when installing exhibitions. We cannot offer community takeovers of a long duration with install times etc. as it is outwith our calendars capacity. With this in mind, it may not be possible for us to provide the space at your preferred date so some flexibility in times will be required.
To request the space for a community takeover, please email with some information about yourself or your collective, some information about the event you are hoping to put on and the preferred dates for putting on your event. This is not a formal application, please do not spend many hours making this application seem overly professional and clean. We are aware that community takeovers are not paid and do not want to ask for excessive free labour from you.